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Product Data Sheets
All NS Power (NSP) products will be RoHS compliant. Products that are compliant will bear the RoHS Symbol. NSP will continue to ship non-RoHS product until all inventory has been consumed unless customerís have specifically ordered the parts with RoHS Symbol.

Compliance to the RoHS directive has been planned and is being implemented using parallel efforts relating to design, supply chain, and test. The strategy detailed below provides the lowest risk RoHS compliant implementation/conversion process. All raw materials will be sourced as RoHS compliant with respect to higher reflow requirements of Pb-Free soldering. All RoHS compliant products will be fully backward compatible with Sn/Pb soldering and fully forward compatible with Pb-Free soldering.

     * All PCB (Printed Circuit Board) finishes have been changed from Pb bearing HASL type to industry standard Pb free in
        preparation of pending RoHS legislation.
     * All new product development activity uses Pb-Free, and Pb-Free compatible metallurgies as a standard design practice.
     * All new designs require RoHS compliant components.

Supply Chain:
     NSP continues to build business partnerships with suppliers who make positive efforts to satisfy RoHS compliant

Test Methods:
     Component and finished product level testing of materials used in the construction of our designs is also being employed using
     laboratory analysis.

Product Compliance:
     It is our intention to follow a process of Self Declaration for our products. This will be achieved through responses to our
     supplier questionnaires, certificates of conformance, materials declarations and where we feel necessary laboratory analysis.
     Products that are in compliance will bear the RoHS Symbol on product label.